Do you provide the lights?

YES. Platinum Christmas Lighting provides all the lights, cords, decorations, and timers to make your display work. Some people hire us to do all their lighting, others hire us just to do the roof and high areas and still prefer to do the shrubbery and ground work. Whichever you prefer is fine with us. Basically the customers’ job is to provide the input of what they want and the payment, we can take care of the rest!

Is it expensive?

No, not when you consider the cost of buying the lights, cords, timers, and decorations, also lights and cords do not last forever and have to be replaced frequently, with Platinum Christmas Lighting you may choose a different color or package every year and not have to worry about storage, replacement costs, and purchasing costs, we will do our best to keep you at the same cost each year for a similar display.

Do we have to sign a contract?

No this is not a cell phone company, you are only obligated to pay us for this years lighting which includes take-down! I find that 95% of our customers hire us back, that tells us we do good work!

Can we choose what we want?

Absolutely we design lighting plans to each individual customers needs and wishes, we can of course make suggestions and show photos of other projects to give you a better idea of the finished product.

What color do you offer in lights?

Because of the huge inventory of lights Platinum Christmas Lighting owns, we have most all colors available. One of the best selling points of our business is that each year you are able to choose a different color for your home, and not have to worry about buying lights each year.

What if I don’t want holes/staples in my house?

In some homes that are all wood or do not have the lip underneath the soffit, we will have to use staples.. We use very small Arrow T-10 or T-15 staples that do not leave visible holes!! Sometimes to hang wreaths or garland around an entry we may have to install a small hook or screw.

If one light burns out do they all burn out?

No we almost exclusively use LED bulbs on all of our houses, these pull less than 1 watt per bulb that give a bright & brilliant look.  They are not wired in series, so if one were to come out of the socket the others stay lit! And many of the miniatures that we use on shrubbery are also wired similarly and if one bulbs comes out of the socket the others stay lit.

How many years have you been in business?

Platinum Christmas Lighting was started in Blue Springs, Mo just outside of Kansas City, Mo in 2006! Since then we have grown every year.  It used to be a hobby that turned into a business. Because of the huge demand for this service please call us as soon as possible to guarantee service for this year

What if I’ve purchased lights with “another company” that installed and stored them each year?

Sorry to tell you but you have been scammed, in most cases companies that sell you lights or any other product and then conveniently remove it and “take-them” away, have not sold you anything at all, you are in fact renting them and paying for the service just like you will do with Custom Christmas Lighting, the difference is that we’re honest and tell you that and don’t try to sell you any product at all!

May I have my lights up early?

Absolutely!!! In fact the earlier you book with Platinum Christmas Lighting the better it is for us! So it is not too early to call for next year right now!!! Because of our huge growth rate the last couple years, I recommend calling the second you are thinking of your Holiday Lighting.  Because I know we have already been working to prepare for Christmas.

Am I responsible for taking the lights down?

One of the best selling points of Platinum Christmas Lighting,  is that we include the take-down in our “one-spot” pricing for each job!! Other companies frequently charge extra for take-down!! That is preposterous, why would you hire someone to install and not take-them down.. NO WE DO THE TAKE-DOWN FOR YOU!!

Do you provide timers?

Yes simple as that we provide simple photocell timers, for most jobs these are fine, for larger jobs I recommend having an electrician installing a permanent timer that controls several outlets.

How do you accept payments?

Personal check, or cash of course. We also accept most major credit cards as well!